“Democracy is about voters, not big donors”

60 years ago, 1 in 10 Australians were a member of a political party, or 10%.

Today, that number has fallen to just 1 in 120. That’s less than 1%.

Since then, politicians from the major parties have shifted their loyalty away from voters, towards big corporate donors and property developers.

The major parties are no longer listening to their constituents.

To these representatives, ‘community engagement’ is a thumbs up social media photo or worse, ‘pork barrelling’, the process of giving cash gifts to preferred institutions in exchange for support at election time.

So in January 2020, several local residents from the Hume electorate in NSW banded together on a common cause of enabling real democracy in their communities. That’s us, Voices of Hume.

We’ve since spoken with over 100 local voters to record what they really wanted.

These conversations, or ‘kitchen table conversations’ are ongoing across 5 local government areas, Goulburn-Mulwaree, Wollondilly, Camden, Wingecarribee and Upper Lachlan shire.

This process is due for completion in June 2021, by which time we will have spoken to around 500 voters.

All voters within the above LGA’s are invited to join one to provide their feedback.

We will consolidate this feedback into a report, similar to that created by Voices for Indi. (Click the link to preview).

The final report will be used to assist independent and consultative party candidates in running at all levels of government, in each of the local government areas for upcoming council elections in 2021, and in upcoming federal and state elections.

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Note that we do not publicise the names of any kitchen table participants. Personal details will be added to our email database for one to one communications, to provide participants with an update on our progress.

Voices of Hume is not a partisan group. We oppose corruption on ALL sides of the aisle.

We encourage and enable independent and party-aligned candidates who act in good faith on behalf of their community.

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Join us for a coffee session, be heard and be part of change.

Grass roots community movements are driven by ordinary people.

We can’t do this without the participation of everyday Australians who want to see an improved democracy, and improved circumstances for their community.

To do this, we are inviting all people situated in the target LGA’s to meet with us over coffee.

These coffee sessions, or ‘kitchen table conversations’ are held in either a local cafe, or at the house of a friendly local constituent.

Here, we record your responses to each of 4 major questions.

What do you like about where you live?

What do you feel makes a strong community?

What would you like to see preserved or changed in your area?

What do you feel makes good political leadership?


It will take 90 minutes of your time, during which you will likely broaden your new network and be inspired to be part of a movement for change.

This is a proven model, having enabled the election of Cathy MacGowan (and subsequently Helen Haines) in the Victorian seat of Indi (2013, 2016 and 2019).

If you would like to be involved, please fill in the contact form below and we will be in contact soon.

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